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Homework Help: The Age Of Jefferson To The American Expansion

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1. Which of the following utopian communities was founded and established in New York State?
A. Shaker Village
B. Spiritualist
C. Oneida
D. New Harmony
2. The first fully developed American factory system emerged in the _______ industry.
A. textile
B. sugarcane
C. distilling
D. iron
3. Thomas Jefferson was concerned that the treaty formalizing the Louisiana Purchase
A. might be unconstitutional.
B. would place an unfair tax burden on American citizens.
C. would invite French hostility.
D. was clearly illegal.
4. The Panic of 1837 resulted in large measure from
A. the costs associated with Indian removal.
B. the policies of Martin Van Buren's administration.
C. complex changes in the international economic system.
D. the policies of John Quincy Adams.
5. Which of the following statements about the Southern planter's world is most accurate?
A. The wives and daughter of plantation owners lived lives of leisure.
B. The stereotype of the "southern belle" is fairly accurate.
C. Most great planters of the Old South were self-made men.
D. Most of the great planters were the sons of wealthy families.
6. The largest of the five so-called "civilized tribes" was the
A. Choctaw.
B. Cherokee.
C. Creek.
D. Seminole.
7. The politicians who met at the Hartford Convention in 1814
A. favored secession from the Union.
B. represented the interests of the cotton-growing states.
C. recommended changes in the Constitution.
D. were mainly concerned with increasing trade with Britain.
8. Which of the following was true of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty?
A. It established the northern boundary of California.
B. It established a definite northeastern boundary with Canada.
C. It settled British and American claims to the Oregon Country.
D. It established the southern boundary of Alaska.
9. In the Old South, the majority of slaves
A. lived on plantations with 100 or more slaves.
B. lived on plantations with 20 or more slaves.
C. worked under a task system.
D. lived on small farms.
10. In what state did the Nat Turner slave revolt of 1831 take place?
A. South Carolina
B. Georgia
C. Alabama
D. Virginia
11. Which of the following was true of the Judiciary Act of 1801?
A. It reduced the power of the federal courts.
B. It packed the Supreme Court with Democratic Republicans.
C. It expanded the federal court system.
D. It was opposed by the Federalists.
12. The Second Great Awakening began on the southern frontier and usually featured what two religious
A. Methodists and Baptists
B. Muslims and Catholics
C. Catholics and Atheists
D. Atheists and Buddhists
13. The Erie Canal connected Albany on the Hudson with
A. Buffalo.
B. White Plains.
C. Ontario.
D. Lake Superior.
14. Who successfully negotiated the final terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
A. James Polk
B. Zachary Taylor
C. Nicolas Trist
D. John Slidell
15. Under the leadership of Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the high point of the Seneca Falls
convention was the drafting of the Declaration of
A. Opinion.
B. Human Rights.
C. Women's Rights.
D. Sentiments.
16. The Liberator was to William Lloyd Garrison as the North Star was to
A. Frederick Douglass.
B. Harriet Tubman.
C. Theodore Dwight Weld.
D. the Grimke sisters.
17. The keystone to what Henry Clay called the American System was
A. encouraging British competition.
B. abolishing slavery.
C. a high tariff.
D. a low tariff
18. After the War of 1812, the first expansionist goal of the republic was the acquisition of
A. the Oregon Country.
B. Florida.
C. California.
D. Canada.
19. As drafted by Vice President John C. Calhoun of South Carolina, the right of a state to set aside federal
law was called
A. abdication.
B. reconciliation.
C. excision.
D. nullification.
End of exam
20. As Texas was defending its claim to be a new and independent republic in 1836, a final crucial victory
was won at
A. Las Cruces.
B. San Antonio.
C. Goliad.
D. San Jacinto.

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