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In whick of the following sentences is the underlined word and object pronoun?

A. You really should apologize to her

B. I would like you to listen to me.

C. I gave her a gift for her birthday.

D. We returned our books to the library

I think the answer is "B". Me is an object pronoun

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    Which words are underlined?

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    A. YOU
    B. Me
    C. Her
    D. Our

    I think the answer is B

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    B. ME is the object of the preposition "to."

    C. HER is an indirect object. The second HER is a possessive adjective.

    None of the pronouns are direct objects.

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    Based on the words in parentheses, which one of the following sentences needs a past participle?

    A. We have (eat) late every night.
    B. (Look) out for snakes, we moved through the swamp.
    C. Last night, parents (gather) at the elementary school.
    D. They just (finish) breakfast when the phone rang

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