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The ionization energy of hydrogen is 1313 kJ/mol. Covert this energy to:

wavelength (nm)

1/wavelength, reciprocal wavelength (cm^-1)

spectral region? (IR, visible, UV, etc.)

I know E=hv=hc/wavelength
h=6.62 x 10^-34 J-s
c= 3x10^8

But for some reason trying to work a problem backwards is confusing me, especially since it's no multiple choice so I can't plug in numbers that way.

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    1313E3/6.02E23 = ?J/atom = about 2.18E-18 J/atom
    E = hc/wavelength
    2.18E-18 = 6.626E-34*3E8/wavelength.
    Solve for wavelength. I obtained 9.12E-8 m and that x 10^9 for nm.

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