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Posted by margaret on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 8:31pm.

Many people are surprised to learn how __1__ poverty is __2__ America. Today millions live below the poverty line, and the number seems to escalate daily. Judy and Martin Reed exemplify the old saying, “Opposites attract.” A __3__ Judy chooses work that brings her into constant contact with others. ___4___, Marty prefers jobs in which he mainly works alone. Ever since the __5__ experience of finding her twelve – year-old son dead from a drug overdoses, Sophie has been a strong __6__ of mandatory drug education in the public schools. If drug education isn’t required, she says, schools cut corners and omit it. My mother __7__ that Romeo and Juliet is the most __8__story ever written, but my sister claims Love Story is more moving. Mahatma Gandhi’s ___9__ and vision inspired millions of fellow Indians to join him enthusiastically in the __10__ for peaceful solutions to national problems. Gandhi incorporated nonviolence and political activism into a highly effective method for social change: passive resistance.

1. Contemporary
2. Contends
3. Extrovert
4. Poignant
5. Traumatic
6. Proponent
7. Conversely
8. Charisma
9. Prevalent
10. Quest

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