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Can u correctly write these sentences in Spanish,plz?

1. I'm very proud of my son.
2. He can spell his name backward and forward.
3. What's his name?
4. How much does a new car cost in America?
5. You must be very rich.

If tried already this is wat I got, plz double check

1. Estoy muy orgulloso de mi hijo.
2. Él puede deletrear su nombre hacia atrás y adelante.
3.¿Cuál es su nombre?
4. ¿Cuánto cuesta un nuevo coche en América?
5. Usted debe ser muy rico.

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    I sent this to Sra.

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    Ok:) thanks I Appreciate it!!!!!

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    And does la frente mean forehead?

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    Yes, la frente can mean the forehead. The only one I'd change is #3. ¿Cómo se llama?

    As for #4, it makes a difference where you place the adjective "nuevo" as to whether you mean a brand new car or a car that could be an older model but ne to the purchaser.

    The usual placement of adjectives is after the noun. un coche nuevo = a new (brand new) car. Placing it before the noun can change the meaning. un nuevo coche = a different, another car


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    Thanxz a buch:)!!!!

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    1) Yo tengo
    2) Nosotros tenemos
    3) Tu vienes
    4) Nosotros venimos
    5) El/ella sale
    6) El/ella vuelve

    need to write with puntuations and spanish astrics if needed

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