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This is Urgent Science

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__________ is one type of genetic engineering, in which a normal allele is placed into a virus. (1 point)

A color blind test

Down syndrome
Gene therapy
Polygenic inheritance

Human insulin can be produced by _______, which introduces DNA from one organism into a _______. (1 point)

gene therapy; virus
selective breeding; plant
genetic engineering; vaccine
recombinant DNA; bacterium

Which of these is used to improve the phenotype of plants? (1 point)

recombinant DNA


chromosome disorders

selective breeding

Which is a genetic disorder that gene therapy may correct? (1 point)

type I diabetes



cystic fibrosis

My answers are:
1. Gene Therapy
2. recombinant DNA; bacterium
3. mitosis
Was I correct?

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    1 and 2, yes

    3 and 4, no

    Improving phenotype has to due with reproduction and offspring. Not regular mitotic division. Selective breeding is method used to get desired traits by controlling reproduction.

    AIDS is Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome which is passed from person to person generally via blood. Thus, it is not a disease that gene therapy could correct. The question asks for a genetic disorder which rules out tetanus (caused by a bacteria) and AIDS (caused by a virus). Type I diabetes is a bit is strongly genetic, but cystic fibrosis is definitely the answer. So Cystic fibrosis.

    Good luck.

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    Thank you Anonymous. Hey what grade are you in? 7th?

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    So is it cystic fibrosis? for number 4?

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    I am a senior in college, biochemistry is my major quite a bit further than 7th, but if this is the stuff you get taught in 7th grade then you go to a pretty good school.

    Cystic fibrosis is what I would pick for number 4.

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

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  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    Seems like a decent school. Good luck with future classes and grades!

  • This is Urgent Science - ,


  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    I go to CenCA Connections Academy. lol xD

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

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    This girl, you did a very good job. :-)

  • This is Urgent Science - ,

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  • This is Urgent Science - ,

    All of the people here are cheating, you wouldn't find this if you didn't look.

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