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- There are less than 40 members of the Landowners Association. These memebers vote on various proposals. All the members were present at a meeting and all voted on each of two proposals. On the first proposal 4 times as many memebers voted yes to those who voted no, On the second proposal 6 times as many voted yse as voted no. How many members are there?

-Four students tried to find the sum of the first 21 positive prime numbers. Bob got 709, Ned got 711, Matt got 712, and Lee got 713. Who was correct?

-The stegosaurus was 30 feet in length, weighed about 3500 pounds and had a brain that weighed only 3 ounces. An adult human male weighing 175 pounds has a brain weighing about 3 pounds. The ratio brain-weight/total-weight of a human is about _______ times greater than that of a stegosaurus.

- Joe is reading a book that needed 795 digits to number the pages. If the book started on page 1, how many pages are there in the book Joe is reading?

  • Algebra -

    The second one:

    The fourth one:
    2-9=8 digits
    10-99=178 digits
    100-200=300 digits
    201-300=297 digits
    301=3 digits
    302=3 digits
    303=3 digits
    304= 3 digits
    8+178+300+297+12= 795
    304 pages

  • Algebra -

    I am confused, why did you not count the page one? Can you explain?

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