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i need to do a reading essay on maya angelou this is what i have

intoduction: maya angelou was born april 4, 1928 in st.louis missouri. she is an author, poet, playwright, stage and screen performer, and director. she has a brother named bailey when they were young they were sent to live with their grandmother in arkansas

beliefs: maya believed in freedom like the civil rights movement. in addition, believed in jesus christ probably because when she was raped and decided that jkesus could help her from their on.

attitude: maya always had a positive attitude; she dropped out of school to be the first female cable car conductor, and then finished high school where later on she had a baby boy. she also believed that women could be succesful and that blcks could probabte in life.

time:maya angelou was there on the civil rights movement; and war world II

heritage: maya was an african americam; activist she was also a dancer, actor and moviemaker.

experiences: some of her experiences were many awards that she received from pulitzer award, national book award, tony award nomination, president award, and many more

closing: though all this happened she had been very succesful so much that her fame increased. she has shown us that you can't change the past but you can move on from it and do so much more just like she did.


thats what i have but i need to put mopre info can you help me
and i need to show how her words choice displayed feelings the way they did and also how her words affected the mood

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