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Homework Help: 7th grade math Ms. Sue help please thanks

Posted by Delilah on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 6:31pm.

The sales tax rate is 6.9%.

a. Find the tax paid for a pair of boots with a list price of $128.
b. What is the total cost of the pair of boots? (1 point)

$8.83; $128.88
$8.83; $136.83
$0.88; $136.83
$0.88; $128.88

Doug is a salesperson in a retail store and earns $75 per week, plus 15% of his weekly sales. If Doug makes $555 one week, what are his sales for that week? (1 point)


Last year, a poll of 1,000 voters conducted by the staff of Senator Chun found that 522 people approved of the job the senator was doing. This year, a new poll of 1,000 voters shows that 423 people approve of the senatorís performance. Find the percent of change in the number of voters who approve of the senatorís performance, and identify it as an increase or decrease. (1 point)

19%; increase
23.4%; decrease
23.4%; increase
19%; decrease

The owner of an audio store received a shipment of portable stereos at a cost of $102.30 each. If he sells the stereos for $181.99 each, what is the percent of markup? Round to the nearest whole percent. (1 point)


In Store A, a book that regularly sells for $24.99 is on sale at 15% off. In Store B, the same book regularly sells for $27.99 and is on sale at 25% off. Which store sells the book for the lower sale price? (1 point)

Store A; Store Aís sale price is $18.74, and Store Bís sale price is $23.79.
Store A; Store Aís sale price is $18.74, and Store Bís sale price is $20.99.
Store B; Store Aís sale price is $21.24, and Store Bís sale price is $20.99.
Store B; Store Aís sale price is $21.24, and Store Bís sale price is $23.79.

Find the final balance in an account with $730 invested at 3% annual simple interest for 4 years. (1 point)


My answers:
11. $8.83; $136.83
12. $3,200
13. 19%; decrease
14. 78%
15. ????????
16. $87.60

Thanks for checking! I don't know how to solve #15, so can you just give a little help? Thanks so much!

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