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chemistry 2

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the two half-reactions that are used in the direct methanol fuel cell are shown below.
I. 2 CH3OH(aq)+2H2O(l)=>2CO2(g)+12H+(aq)+12e-
II. 3O2(g)+12H+(aq) +12e-=>6H2O(l)

the electrode at which half-reaction I occurs is the ______ at which______ is oxidized, and half-reaction II occurs at the ______ at which ________ is reduced.

need help with the blanks!

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    I won't fill in the blanks but here is the information you need to answer.
    Oxidation occurs at the anode; reduction occurs at the cathode.
    Oxidation is the loss of electrons; reduction is the gain of electrons. In reaction i I see C(in methanol) changing from an oxidation state of -2 to +4(in CO2) for each methanol.
    In reaction ii I see O going from zero on the left to -2 on the right.

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