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Posted by Drake on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 8:26am.

Figure 18-46 shows a hydraulic lift operated by pumping fluid into the hydraulic system. The large cylinder is 40 cm in diameter, while the small tube leaving the pump is 1.7 cm in diameter. A total load of 2500 kg is raised 2.2 m at a constant rate. Neglect pressure variations with height, and neglect also the weight of the fluid raised.

(car lift on lift)
____---____ <- lift
..| |
..| |
...\ \__________________
................. ________________
fluid reservoir, atmospheric pressure (bottom right, above arrows)

---any "......" = fillers, pretend they're just empty space (they're to make the pic work)
---"O" = the pump, to the left of the pump (the "O" in the pic) is pressurized fluid

(a) What volume of fluid passes through the pump?
(b) What is the pressure at the pump outlet?
(c) How much work does the pump do?
(d) If the lifting takes 40 s, what is the pump power?

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