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Homework Help: 7th Grade Lit

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7th Lit Homework
Misplaced Modifiers
Rewrite the following sentences so that they are clear.
Add, delete, rearrange words to fix misplace and/or danglingmodifiers.

Somewhere inside the wall, I heard a scarching sound.

I heard a scratching sound, it came from the wall.

The version of that folk tale was about a talking cros that I heard before.

I need help on this one********

The missing cat was finally found up a tree yowling for help.

They found the missing cat in a tree, yowling for help.

Getting dressed, a button fell off my shirt.

While I was getting dressed, a button fell off my shirt.

Before going home, the grocery store was our last stop.

The last stop on the way home was to the grocery store.

My sister also has a baby boy with twin daughters.

My sister as a baby boy, and twin daughters.

The second sentences are mine: rewritten.

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