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A 0.8 m diameter tank is filled with water to a depth of 2.2 m and is open to the atmosphere at the top. The water drains through a 1.0 cm diameter pipe at the bottom; that pipe then joins a 1.5 cm diameter pipe open to the atmosphere, as shown in Fig. 18-53.

|0.8 m | ||
| | ||<------vacuum tube for b
| | ||
| | ||
| | || ---------
| ============---------
Tank^ ^pipe1 ^pipe2
(1cm) (1.5cm)

(not to scale)

(a) Find the flow speed in the narrow section.

(b) What is the water height in the sealed vertical tube shown?

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    Hmm didn't keep the spaces darn ;\, basically the tank was on the left, 1 cm pipe stretches for a bit out of the bottom right of the tank, midway through that ascending is a similar diameter vacuum tube for part b, and then to the right of the 1 cm pipe, it basically turns into a 1.5 cm pipe as described in the problem.

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