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What is the molarity of a sulfuric acid solution if 30.00mL of H2SO4 is required to neutralize 0.840g of sodium hydrogen carbonate?

H2SO4(aq) + NaHCO3(aq) → Na2SO4(aq) + H2O(l)+ CO 2(aq)

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    Don't EVER write an equation without balancing it.
    H2SO4 + 2NaHCO3 ==> Na2SO4 + 2H2O + 2CO2
    mols NaHCO3 = grams/molar mass = ?
    Use the coefficients in the balanced equation to convert mols NaHCO3 of mols H2SO4. That will be
    ? mols NaHCO3 x (1 mol H2SO4/2 mol NaHCO3)= xx.
    Then M H2SO4 = mols H2SO4/L H2SO4.

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