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Physics HELP!

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I have NO idea how to do this! any help is great!

A car of maass 1330kg is traveling at 28m/s. The driverapplies the brakes to bring the car to a rest over a distance of 79m. Calculate the retarding force acting on the car.

From this i can see that it gives me the
the inicial velocity: 28m/s
and the distance: 79m
i'm trying to find the force, but i can't think of a formula using the known variables!!

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    F = ma. We know m, now we need to find "a".

    V^2 = Vo^2 + 2a*d
    a = (V^2-Vo^2)/2d.
    a = (0-784)/158 = -4.96 m/s^2.

    F = 1330*(-4.96) = -6600 N.

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