March 28, 2017

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A 2.00 kg frictionless block is attached to a horizontal spring as shown. At t = 0, the position x = 0.225 m, and the velocity is 4.25 m/s toward the right in the positive x direction. Position x as a function of t is: x = A*cos(ωt ) , where A is the amplitude of motion and ω is the angular frequency discussed Chapter 11 and the notes.

(a) (3 points) What is the spring constant k?
(b) (25 points) Use conservation of energy to compute amplitude A.
(c) (5 points) How much farther from the point shown will the block move before it momentarily comes to rest before turning around?
(d) (4 points) What is the period T of the motion?
(e) (3 points) If the mass of this problem was doubled to 4.00 kg, how would your answer to part (d ) change?

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