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Shortly before the Russian Revolution, an eccentric man named Rasputin became ______as the "mad monk." Because he dressed like a peasant, drank heavily, and rarely bathed, the nobility often felt ____during their encounters” with him at the palace. Yet despite his outward appearance, Rasputin possessed a (n) ____ charm that drew many to him, including the Russian empress. She thought him a great man of God and a special ____ of her seriously ill son, whose condition she felt Rasputin ____ (e) d. Many ____ s believed otherwise. To them, Rasputin was no healer; instead, he was a man who exploited° his relationship with the empress for his own benefit. Rather than praise Rasputin, his enemies preferred to malign° him. In a pamphlet titled The Holy Devil, one of his critics described him as a sinisterly man. This author even dared to ____ that the monk and the empress were romantically involved. This theory was strengthened by the fact that the empress's "holy man" pursued many women and boasted about how ___ he was. Finally, a group of Russian noblemen made ____ plans to kill Rasputin. Somehow, the secret must have gotten out, for a Russian official warned Rasputin of a plot against him. He nevertheless accepted the noblemen’s invitation to a dinner party, where they served him poisoned wine and cake. When Rasputin did not appear to succumb0 to the poison, his enemies hastened his ____ by shooting and stabbing him and then dumping him into an icy river. An autopsy revealed that he had died by drowning.

1. Infamous
2. Revulsion
3. Intrinsic
4. Alleviate
5. Convert
6. Cynic
7. Benefactor
8. Virile
9. Speculate
10. Demise

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