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A hungry backpacker needs to boil 150 mL of water to prepare a cup of Ramen Noodles. The filtered river water is at a temperature of 14.2 oC. The pressure is 760 mm Hg and he wants to eat the chicken flavored noodles. How many mL of his liquid butane camping fuel will he use to prepare his meal?
Not sure where to start? Then you have a problem. A problem involves organizing information, using formulas you know to develop a strategy, and computing small steps in developing an overall solution.
C4H8 (g) + 6 O2 (g) „³ 4 CO2 (g) + 4 H2O (g)
Physical Data of Butane
Density: d = 2.48 g/cm3
Heat of vaporization of liquid butane: ƒ´Hvap = 22.44 kJ/mol
Standard Enthalpy of Formation of gaseous butane: Hfo = ¡V125.6 kJ/mol

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