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Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide react at 960 degree Celsius and come to the following equilibrium
CH4(g)+2H2S(g) <-> CS2(g)+ 4H2(g)
At Equilibrium the concentration measured as
[Ch4]= 5.56M
[H2s]= 11.12
[CS2]= 2.44M
[H2] 1.76,

A) Write the equilibrium constant expression
Calquate Keq at 960 degree celcius
C)What is the effect of adding more H2 to the equilbrium mixture
D) what is the effect of increasing the volume of the container

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    You need to learn how to do these. What is your main problem; i.e., what is it you don't understand about these four questions? I believe you know all but one or two small items.

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    A And B are my main problems

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    Keq = (right side)/(left side) with coefficients becoming exponents.

    Plug in the concns listed and punch the calculator.

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