February 24, 2017

Homework Help: Math (trigonometry)

Posted by Sammy on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 5:30pm.

A surveyor wishes to find the height of a mountain. He selects points A and B on level ground along the same line of sight to the mountain. He measures the distance AB to be 1503 m and the angles of elevation of the top of the mountain from the points to be 16.9° from A and 22.3° from B.

a) Calculate the distance to the top of the mountain from point B.

The triangle that A and B and their angles of elevation makes, I called triangle ABC; I calculated C's angle to be 180°-16.9°-22.3°=140.8°... I feel like this is where I went wrong, is it incorrect to do this? I probably visualised it incorrectly again or something..

Anyway, my solution, using sine law:

b/sin22.3° = 1503/140.8°
b = 1503sin22.3°/140.8°
b = 4

The answer should be 6060m. So I'm clearly doing something completely wrong here.

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