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solve the following inequality.
(x-3)^2/(x^2-4)is greater than or equal to 0.

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    sketch y = (x-3)^2 /((x-2)(x+2) )

    your solution will be all the x's when the graph is above the x-axis

    I can see it there is a zero at x = 3
    and there are 2 vertical asymptotes at
    x = 2 , and x = -2

    How about thinking about this intuitively
    the numerator is always ≥ 0, since we squared something
    Also we can see that x^2 - 4 is negative for values of x between -2 and 2, and x cannot be +2 or -2

    so it looks like the expression is above the x-axis for x > 2 OR x < -2

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    how do you write that in interval notation?

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