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Geometry Honors

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Find 2 points on the perpendicular bisector of line AB. Verify your results by showing each point is equidistant from A and B.

34.) A (0,0) B 90,4)
36.) A (3,3) B (3,-3)
38.) A (3,0) B (1,4)

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    36 is easy, since AB is vertical.

    34 and 38 are done the same way:
    find the midpoint of AB
    find the slope of AB; you want the negative reciprocal.
    Now you have a point and a slope; the equation is easy

    midpoint of AB is (2,2)
    slope of AB is -2, so slope of ┴ is 1/2

    y-2 = 1/2 (x-2)
    now just pick any two values of x or y and solve for the other (y or x)

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