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In a chocolate chip cookie investigation, you decide to compare two cookie sources. Source 1: Mom mails to you a package containing a dozen of her homemade chocolate chip cookies. Source 2: You purchase a dozen of a store brand of chocolate chip cookies at the convenience store near campus. (Assume that the two types of cookies are the same size, same weight, etc.) You believe that Mom’s cookies have more chips. You eat the cookies, carefully counting the number of chips with the following results: Mom’s cookies: n = 12, mean = 9, s = 3; Store cookies: n = 12, mean = 7, s = 1. Test your theory, using the 5% level of significance. Be sure to identify the null and alternative hypotheses, identify the appropriate distribution and indicate the tail(s) for the critical region, identify and calculate the test statistic, determine the P-value, make a decision and state a conclusion.

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