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Assuming there is no conduction or convection operating, a cold object in a warm room:

A.Radiates more energy than it absorbs

B.Absorbs more energy than it radiates

C.Only absorbs energy; it does not radiate because it is colder than its environment.

  • Physics -

    a cold object in a hot room gets warmer, absorbs more than it radiates

    Unless at absolute zero it radiates (look up black body radiation)

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    "Is maths a sencice ? Mathematics is not even a sencice ... math does not have experimentation and it is not really discovering any truth of nature ... all mathematical theorems are tautologies."ആത ര,ഹര ത,അനന യ എന ന വര ല ഖനത ത ല (Is Mathematics a Science?- by Arturo Magidin,Associate Professor,Department of Mathematics,University of Louisiana) ന ന ന അടര ത ത യ ട ത ഉദ ദര ച ച ഈ വ ക യങ ങള ആള കള ത റ റ ദ ധര പ പ ക ക . യഥ ര ത ഥത ത ല ഈ പര മര ശങ ങള എന ത ക ണ ട ശര യല ല എന ന സ ഥ പ ക ക കയ ണ അവ ട ച യ ത ട ട ള ളത . ഗണ തശ സ ത രത ത സ ബന ധ ച ച പ രധ ന പ രശ ന , ആള കക ള ക ക അത ന ക ക റ ച ച ള ള സ മ ന യധ രണകള ഉറക ക ന നത , വളര ച റ യ ക ല സ സ കള ല അവര കണ ടറ ഞ ഞ ട ട ള ള ഗണ തത ത ല ന ന ന ണ . " They either know mathematics as a collection of recipes, algorithms, and rules (e.g. the formula for solving a quadratic equation, the rules of differentiation, how to multiply two numbers together, etc) "പക ഷ ക റ ക ക ട ഉയര ന ന തലത ത ല ള ള ഗണ ത അറ ഞ ഞ ല മ ത രമ ഗണ തത ത ന റ സ വഭ വത ത ക ക റ ച ച ശര യ യ മനസ സ ല ക ക ന പറ റ എന ന ത ന ന ന ന . ഈ ക ര യ പ രസ ത ത ല ഖനത ത ല നന ന യ പറഞ ഞ ട ട ണ ട . ...does mathematics even follow the scientific method? Observation, hypothesis, experimentation, testing, verification?എന ന ച ദ യത ത ന ല ഖകന ക ട ക ക ന ന ഉത തര ഇപ രക രമ ണ :...yes, it does. This is where the prevalent style does a disservice to an accurate perception of research mathematics. A mathematician engaging in research does not produce a statement for a theorem and proceed to prove it. She is usually feeling her way in the unknown as much as any scientist. She will consider some specific examples (observations), and try to see if they have a property or not. She will formulate some questions, both general and specific, and try to see how she can answer them for specific cases. She may then attempt a general statement (hypothesis), and proceed to attempt a proof (experimentation); sometimes, if that fails, she will attempt to construct a counterexample (falsification and testing). This process continues until the mathematician finally obtains an argument establishing her hypothesis, or she manages to disprove it ...ഗണ തവ ഫ സ ക സ വളര ഇഴയട പ പമ ള ളത പരസ പര ഒര പ ട ക ള ളക ട ക കല കള നടത ത മ ന ന റ ന ന ശ സ തങ ങള തന ന യ ണ . ഇത ല എത ണ ക മ എന ന മണ ടന തര ക കത ത ക ക ള ഗ ണ ച യ യ ക അവനവന റ അഭ ര ച ക ക ക ട തല ഇണങ ങ ന നത ക ട തല നന ന യ മനസ സ ല ക ക ന ശ രമ ക ക ക എന നതല ല ?

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