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Posted by S on Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 5:03pm.

Is it possible if you can shorten the text:
Perindnes Tree, its sweet fruit throughout the tree is remarkably pleasing; a doveís delight living in the tree. Living in India with rich and vibrant colors exotic, expressive, and aromatic; what could the doves possibly live in fear with? Dragons are the doves enemies & fear the perindnes tree. The shadow of the tree was casted east, the dragon would flee to the west and vice-versa. If a dove is caught outside the tree, its shadow then the dragon would kill it.
The tree is represented as the god, while the shadow would be represented as the sun. The fruits would be the wisdom of the good. The Perindes tree located in India, ďa place that serves as a home for the unique and incredible European cultures. "

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