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Mrs. Jones is building a deck behind her house. Top 28 ft; Right 25 ft; Bottom 4 ft. What is the length of the unlabeled Left side of this deck?

Ans. 7 ft.
Book's explanation: 〖25〗^2-〖24〗^2=625-576=49=7
Where did they get 24 from? Thank you for your help!

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    I can't picture the deck. Top? Bottom?

    All I can say is that 24 = 28-4, the difference between top and bottom.

    But the 7^2+24^2=25^2 seems to be for the legs and diagonal of a triangle. Oh, well, maybe you have a diagram in front of you.

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    New tile is being laid on a floor that is 12 ft. long and 9 ft. wide. Each square tile measures 9 inches on each side. How many tiles will be needed?

    Ans. 192
    Please tell me how they got 192
    Thank you.

    PS digressing
    how do I sent you diagrams, i.g., triangle diagram of a deck?

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