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A fire hose 10 cm in diameter delivers water at the rate of 23 kg/s. The hose terminates in a nozzle 3.1 cm in diameter.
(a) What is the flow speed in the hose?
(b) What is the flow speed in the nozzle?

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    (a) The volume flow rate Q is the mass flow rate divided by the density.
    Q = 23/1000 = 0.023 m^3/s
    Q = V*A, where A is the cross sectinal area, (pi/4)*D^2 = 10^-2 m^2
    and V is the flow speed
    V = .023/10^-2 = 2.3 m/s

    (b) Q remains contant in the nozzle, but V increases because of the reduction in A. A is reduced by a factor (10/3.1)^2 = 10.4. V increases by the same factor.

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