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a crate contains apples, pears, and oranges.There are 184 apples and pears and 248 apples and oranges. there are 3 times as many oranges as pears. how many apples are in the crate?
How do I show my work to solve this problem using Singapore math - Math in Focus curriculum?

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    no idea what
    Singapore math - Math in Focus curriculum?

    but here is how I would do this

    let the number of pears be x
    then the number of oranges is 3x , it said so
    let the number of apples be a

    a+x = 184
    a + 3x = 248
    subtract them
    2x = 64
    x = 32
    sub back into
    a+32 = 184
    a = 152

    so we have
    152 apples
    32 pears and
    96 oranges

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