March 30, 2015

Homework Help: Spanish III Part 2

Posted by Cora on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 11:07am.

Write the correct conjugation of the verb in the preterite tense.
1. abrir - yo
2. escribir - nosotros
3. hablar - tú
4. escuchar - vosotros
5. cantar - ella
6. bailar - ellos
7. contestar - yo
8. limpiar - nosotros
9. correr - tú
10. montar - vosotros
11. esquiar - él
12. comer - Ustedes
13. levantar - yo
14. manejar - tú
15. terminar – Usted

Change the present tense verb in the sentence to the preterite tense.
1. Voy a estudiar.
2. Vas a dar comida al perro.
3. Es un estudiante.
4. Somos aquí.
5. Son cómicos.

These are my review questions for a big test coming up... Can you help me on them so I don't fail? Explain how to find the answer? Thanks so much for all the help!! Remember the Golden Rule and if your gonna hate don't answer! Sorry if that doesn't apply to you. All HELP is appriciated. :)

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