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Water is the solvent and you can assume the density of water is 1.0g/cc.
a.) What will be the amount of solute in grams if the volume is 500 mL and the concentration of solution is 15% w/w? The molar mass of the solute is H2SO4, 98.0g/mol
b.) What is the molar mass of the solute if the amount of solut is 117.0g, volume of solvent 2.00L, volume of solution 2.00L and concentration of solution is 1.0M? pls help

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    15% w/w means 15 g H2SO4/100 g solution.
    That's 15 g H2SO4/(15 g H2SO4 + 85 g H2O) BUT that doesn't tell us the volume of that 100 grams of solution. I don't know how much solute is in 500 mL because I don't know what 500 mL weighs. You need the density of the SOLUTION. The density of the solvent doesn't help

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