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Posted by sabrina: Please help on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 8:27pm.

Ethylamine, CH3CH2NH2, is an organic base with pKb = 3.367 at 298 K. In an experiment, a 40.0 mL sample of 0.105 mol L-1 CH3CH2NH2 (aq) is titrated with 0.150 mol L-1 HI(aq) solution at 298 K. (1a) Write a balanced chemical equation for the neutralization reaction upon which this titration is based, and indicate clearly which atom is being protonated. Then, calculate the equilibrium constant for the neutralization reaction. (Hint: To calculate the equilibrium constant, you may find it helpful to represent the neutralization reaction as the sum of two separate reactions.) (1b) Calculate the pH, [CH3CH2NH2], and [CH3CH2NH3+] at the following stages of the titration. i) before the addition of any HI solution. ii) after the addition of 20.0 mL of HI solution. iii) at the equivalence point. iv) after the addition of 60.0 mL of HI solution

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