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Algebra II

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How would you go about doing this problem? I've tried and with the answer given I still can't figure it out. If anyone could explain it would be greatly appreciated!

(((2x)^2 2x)^2 2x)^2

  • Algebra II - eh? -

    what do you want to do? simplify the expression? just work your way inside-out.

    (2x)^2 = 4x^2

    but now we have (4x^2 2x) ... ??

    what does (2x)^2 2x mean? is there a missing operator there? +? *?

  • Algebra II -

    When I have (2x)^2 2x on the paper the 2x to the right is right after the squared. So its (((2x) squared 2x) squared 2x) squared

  • Algebra II -

    I still don't get it

    squared is written ^2
    as in 3^2 = 9

    3^2 3 doesn't mean anything. Especially followed by a parenthesis

    Normally two numbers separated by a space are multiplied, as in 3 x = 3 times x

    This (2x)^2 2x just makes no sense. Are the parentheses written as you show them? Oh well; maybe smarter heads than mine will see it.

    Is it (2x)^(2x)^(2x) ? Doubt it

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