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Algebra 8th grade.

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The coordinates of quadrilateral VWXY are given below. Find the coordinates of its image after a dilation with the given scale factor.

V(6, 2), W(–2, 4), X(–3, –2), Y(3, –5), scale factor of 2

Please help!!!!

  • Algebra 8th grade. -

    just multiply all the coordinates by the dilation factor: 2

    V(6,2) -> V'(12,4)
    and so on

  • Algebra 8th grade. -

    how to find the scale factor when not given one HELP THIS IS MY MATH HOMEWORK & ITS DUE FIRDAY 4-12-13:-0

  • Algebra 8th grade. -

    V 12 4
    w -4 8
    x -6 -4
    y 6 -10

  • Algebra 8th grade. -

    I don't even know what this answer is.

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