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What three words create assonance in the stanza: "One day a girl went walking And stepped into a store; She bought a pound of sausages Then set them on the floor."?

Based on what assonance means and is used for... I'm guessing it's the words 'bought', 'pound', and 'sausages'? = (ou/ou/au)

Also, in the stanza: "The girl began to whistle A merry little tune; Soon the sausages jumped up And danced around the room." which two words create the assonance? This one seems harder that the other.

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    Assonance and alliteration have to do with SOUND.

    Assonance is the repetition of vowel sounds (not just the vowels). Here's an example -- say it aloud to yourself: jumpy monkey sundae

    You have to say these aloud -- you won't hear them if you just read them to yourself.

    (Alliteration is the repetition of consonant sounds, usually at the beginnings of words. Here's an example: rifles' rapid rattle)

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    Hi again Writeacher. Just got off the phone with a NYC Teacher from the Dial-A-Teacher, and he didn't know. After what you said, I guess the correct ones are "store" and "floor", but I don't see a 3rd one? Could you please give me a different hint if that one is incorrect or is that a typo and there's only 2 not 3 words there?

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