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Question about APA citations

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I'm typing a paper and I'm SO confused. My question is: Using APA stle, how do I write the PAGE NUMBERS at the end of the sentence. For example my sentence would be: The reason pigs can fly is because they have wings(Jones, 32)....THIS IS THE CORRECT WAY TO USE PAGE NUMBERS AT THE END OF A SENTENCE WHEN USING APA, but I am using an ONLINE scholarly journal that is ONLY one page WHAT DO I WRITE AT THE END OF THE SENTENCE....???? (Jones, 1). ??? I am so confused!!!? PLease help because I lost 30 points for leaving out page numbers last time. But if they scholarly journal is ONLY one page long I don't know what to do??????!! and I have four sources that are all only ONE PAGE LONG...????

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    This is one of the best websites to help you with APA citations.

    You would not have any page numbers on resources you find online. Be sure to study In-Text Citations: The Basics for what you are working on.

    In APA format, though, you need the publication year, both in the Reference List (aka bibliography) AND any in-text citation.

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    PS ~

    In that website, click on Reference List: Electronic Sources, and then scroll down to the section on scholarly journals.

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    These are also excellent resources with lots of examples and explanation:
    Scroll down below the outline and to sections F and G.

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