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Into a 1.00 liter flask are placed 0.820 moles of NO and 0.223 moles of N2 and O2. What are the concentrations of NO, N2, and O2 at equilibrium?

For the molarity for each, I got this:
NO= .027 M
N2= .0079 M
O2= .0069 M

balanced equation: 2NO(g) <-> N2(g) + O2
How do I know which side it shifts to? Do I just add up the molarity for each side and make it shift to the lesser value?

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    Wait, I messed up the values! instead of dividing the moles by 1.00 L, I divided by the molecular weight on accident. I still need help with this problem.

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    You don't have an equilibrium constant.
    M = mols/L; therefore, the mols listed = M.

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