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three rotating, uniform disks that are coupled by belts. One belt runs around the rims of disks A and C. Another belt runs around a central hub on disk A and the rim of disk B. The belts move smoothly without slippage on the rims and hub. Disk A has radius R; its hub has radius 0.4500R; disk B has radius 0.2500R; and disk C has radius 1.750R. Disks B and C have the same density (mass per unit volume) and thickness. What is the ratio of the magnitude of the angular momentum of disk C to that of disk B?

I have tried attempting the question several times : end with answers like :
196 and 525.21 ... Please help i am using the formula :
LC/LB =(½)ρπRhRω/(½)ρπRhRω

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