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abnormal psych

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# 1.44
(1 pts.) Dr. Green is an admitting psychologist at a psychiatric hospital. Unfortunately, every client she interviews receives the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Dr. Green's diagnostic system ignores

A) reliability.
B) variance.
C) base rates.
D) treatment potential.

# 1.45
(1 pts.) Jack believes he is Jesus Christ and that he can walk on water. He claims he hears God talking to him every morning at 3:00 a.m. In general terms, Jack seems to be suffering from a

A) neurosis.
B) psychosis.
C) personality disorder.
D) prognosis.

# 1.46
(1 pts.) Susan and Ron are having marital difficulties; their difficulties are not due to any long standing psychological problems. How might a clinician document their difficulties? A clinician might

A) diagnose each as having a personality disorder.
B) diagnose each as having an adjustment disorder.
C) only list the information on Axis IV.
D) utilize one of the V codes in DSM-IV-TR

# 1.47
(1 pts.) Mrs. Waltham is 75 years old and has been brought in for treatment by her daughter. Her daughter claims that the elderly woman has become forgetful and has started fabricating stories about how she is a Bavarian princess and must return to her homeland to help the king. The clinician automatically diagnoses Mrs. Waltham as having schizophrenia. The clinician has obviously ignored what information in making this diagnosis?

A) the base rate for this disorder
B) the client's age
C) the prevalence of this disorder
D) the client's gender

# 1.48
(1 pts.) Dr. Burns is analyzing his client's personal history in an attempt to identity the factors that may have produced his psychotic behavior. Dr. Burns is creating a(n)

A) assessment of global functioning.
B) final diagnosis.
C) case formulation.
D) treatment regimen.

# 1.49
(1 pts.) Donna's clinician has requested that she undergo electroconvulsive therapy in an attempt to control her current, drastic suicidal impulses. What stage of treatment is she in?

A) immediate management
B) assessment of objectives
C) assessment of current functioning
D) management of objectives

# 1.50
(1 pts.) Michelle, who is recovering from schizophrenia, is being released from the psychiatric hospital because her symptoms are under control. Michelle's living skills, however, are still inadequate since she has been institutionalized for quite some time. What will her therapist most likely suggest?

A) placement in an asylum
B) readmission to the psychiatric hospital
C) placement in a halfway house
D) admission to a sanitarium

# 1.51
(1 pts.) Dr. Reed has a PhD in clinical psychology and was trained in administering psychological tests. Dr. Davis has an MD with advanced training in treating psychological disorders and can prescribe medications. Dr. Reed is a ______ and Dr. Davis is a

A) psychiatrist; psychologist
B) psychologist; psychiatrist
C) psychologist; neurologist
D) social worker; psychologist

# 1.52
(1 pts.) A man arrives one hour late for work every day because he is compelled to read every street sign on the road to his workplace. Which of the following components of a mental disorder is exemplified by his behavior?

A) It reflects a behavioral syndrome.
B) It is associated with impairment in life.
C) It is a culturally sanctioned response.
D) It reflects a serious risk.

# 1.53
(1 pts.) The notion that disorders involving a loss of identity fit into a distinct category separate from other disorders is the essence behind the

A) statistical approach.
B) psychodynamic model.
C) categorical approach.
D) dimensional model.

# 1.54
(1 pts.) Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months ago and is now reporting feelings of severe depression. On what DSM-IV Axis would the information about her medical condition be recorded?

A) Axis I
B) Axis II
C) Axis III
D) Axis IV

# 1.55
(1 pts.) Which of the following information led Dr. Tobin to conclude that Peter was suffering from bipolar disorder?

A) the fact that he reported having intense bouts of anxiety
B) the fact that he had recently been married and soon after was divorced
C) the fact that after he lost his job he experienced a psychotic episode
D) the fact that at the time he was in a period of elation but had previously experienced a period of depression

# 1.56
(1 pts.) Mr. Kang, a recent immigrant from China, is extremely overwhelmed and distressed by the untimely death of his wife. His co-workers are concerned about his mental health because he believes he is in constant contact with her and can be seen talking to her on a regular basis. It is not likely that Mr. Kang would be diagnosed as having a mental disorder because his behavior

A) is an acceptable and culturally sanctioned response in his particular culture.
B) reflects a documented behavioral/psychological syndrome.
C) is not associated with his present distress and impairment.
D) cannot be explained using the medical model.

# 1.57
(1 pts.) Roger is in the stage of therapy where he and his therapist are working on altering his long-standing patterns of dependent behavior. What phase of therapy is Roger in?

A) immediate management
B) assessment of objectives
C) management of short-term goals
D) management of long-term goals

# 1.58
(1 pts.) Rob is receiving treatment for his psychological disorder at an outpatient treatment center. It is most likely that Rob is going to a

A) community mental health center.
B) halfway house.
C) psychiatric hospital.
D) psychoanalytic institute.

# 1.59
(1 pts.) Ralph has been sad and listless for 3 years. He can't sleep and has lost his appetite. Using a diagnostic system, one clinician arrives at a diagnosis of depression. Using the exact same diagnostic system, another clinician arrives at a diagnosis of schizophrenia. What is the problem with this system?

A) It lacks construct validity.
B) It lacks universality.
C) It lacks reliability.
D) It lacks criterion validity.

# 1.60
(1 pts.) "Coughing, sniffling, sneezing, runny nose, achiness, scratchy throat, and inability to sleep." This collection of symptoms represents a

A) constellation.
B) diagnosis.
C) prognosis.
D) syndrome.

# 1.61
(1 pts.) Dr. Johnson believes that the frequency and intensity of compulsive behavior exists on a continuum from mild to severe. Dr. Johnson prefers to use which approach when viewing this behavior?

A) categorical
B) dimensional
C) medical
D) nominal

# 1.62
(1 pts.) A psychologist suspects that Dan's psychotic episode may be related to the recent death of his wife. On which DSM-IV Axis would this stressful event be recorded?

A) Axis I
B) Axis II
C) Axis III
D) Axis IV

# 1.63
(1 pts.) Robert has a serious drinking problem, but his therapist feels that the drinking is a result of Robert's constant bouts with depression. Based on this information, what would Robert's principle diagnosis be?

A) alcoholism
B) bipolar disorder
C) degenerative dementia
D) major depression

# 1.64
(1 pts.) Sangue dormido, or "sleeping blood" is a condition observed among individuals from the Cape Verde Islands (located off the west coast of Africa) and involves paralysis, convulsions, blindness, and tremors. This condition is referred to in DSM-IV as a(n)

A) adjustment disorder.
B) clinical syndrome.
C) general medical condition.
D) culture-bound syndrome.

# 1.65
(1 pts.) David is a junior at the local high school. The school's administration believes his recent emotional outbursts during class may be due to problems in his home life. Who might be best suited to deal with this situation?

A) the principal
B) a guidance counselor
C) a psychiatrist
D) an EAP counselor

# 1.66
(1 pts.) James is a person with schizophrenia and has delusions that the CIA is after him. He believes that everyone on the street is trying to kill him and, as a matter of fact, he has been brought to a psychologist by the police after being arrested for assaulting an elderly woman on the street whom he claimed was trying to kill him. Assuming that testing reveals that he truly is psychotic and not faking, where would a psychologist recommend he be sent?

B) a day treatment program
C) a halfway house
D) a psychiatric hospital

# 1.67
(1 pts.) Shelly meets twice a week with a number of individuals who also have similar problems. They openly share their problems with others in a trusting, receptive environment which also facilitates improvement of their interpersonal skills. Shelly is participating in

A) milieu therapy.
B) group therapy.
C) dynamic therapy.
D) social therapy.

# 1.68
(1 pts.) In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a new psychotherapeutic technique, Dr. Schwartz is testing the therapy on clients that have sought treatment from him at his private practice. According to Martin Seligman, Dr. Schwartz is conducting an

A) epidemiological study.
B) empirical study.
C) efficacy study.
D) effectiveness study.

# 1.69
(1 pts.) Dr. Ramirez is a clinical psychologist who treats individuals with somatoform disorders, yet he is still troubled by his own somatic complaints. Which of the following roles and responsibilities would be in question in this case?

A) therapist competence
B) informed consent
C) confidentiality
D) licensure

# 1.70
(1 pts.) Dr. Blanchard is being pressured by the local police department for information on one of his clients who is suspected of murder. Dr. Blanchard must be careful to remember the principle of

A) mandated reporting.
B) privileged communication.
C) informed consent.
D) duty to warn.

# 1.71
(1 pts.) Wendy has been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. When she tries to use the ward pay phone, the staff members stand nearby and listen to her conversation. Occasionally they have actually interrupted her calls and have hung the phone up on her. Which of Wendy's rights is being violated?

A) the right to stand trial
B) the right to treatment
C) the right to a humane environment
D) the right to refuse treatment

# 1.72
(1 pts.) Which of the following types of disorders would not meet the criteria for insanity according to the Insanity Defense Reform Act of 1984?

A) schizophrenia
B) major depression
C) bipolar disorder
D) antisocial personality disorder

# 1.73
(1 pts.) Dr. Strickland has neglected to notify Gary, one of his newest clients, about the potential risks of therapy and the limits of confidentiality during therapy sessions. Dr. Strickland has not provided him with the information needed for Gary to give

A) information on prognosis.
B) preferences for therapy.
C) restrictions on secrecy.
D) informed consent.

# 1.74
(1 pts.) You are a therapist and one of your clients has just told you that he is planning to murder his neighbor. Based on the principle of "duty to warn" what is the primary thing you should do?

A) Ignore your client's threat.
B) Notify the potential victim's family.
C) Hospitalize the client immediately.
D) Notify the potential victim of the person's intent.

# 1.75
(1 pts.) Had Mark Chen been cognitively alert and responsive in the textbook case, he would have had the legal right to decline Dr. Tobin's recommendation for ECT. His decision would have been supported by

A) the Americans with Disabilities Act.
B) parens patriae.
C) the Durham rule.
D) the right to refuse treatment.

# 1.76
(1 pts.) Sandy has been accused of committing a crime. Currently, as she is being tried, though, her schizophrenic symptoms have re-emerged and her behavior is extremely psychotic. It is likely that the attorneys and the judge involved in this case will

A) judge her not guilty by reason of insanity.
B) judge her guilty but insane.
C) judge her not competent to stand trial.
D) think she is faking and continue with the proceedings.

44.C 45.D 46.D 47.B 48.B 49.B 50.B 51.A 52.B 53.A 54.D 55.D 56.A 57.C 58.A 59.D 60.A 61.B 62.D 63.C 64.C 65.B 66.D 67.A 68.A 69.A 70.B 71.C 72.D 73.D 74.D 75.A 76.D ???

  • abnormal psych - ,

    I will only comment on answers I know, especially since I haven't done clinical work in decades. Also, it would make it easier for us to respond, if the answers were given with the question rather than at the end.

    44. He seems to be ignoring the variability among patients.

    45. He has hallucinations and delusions. What does that tell you?

    47. Right

    50. C

    51. Who has the medical degree?

    52. Right

    55. Right

    58. Right

    59. Reliability is consistency.

    60. syndrome

    61. Right

    63. D, What symptoms of dementia are indicated?

    65. Right

    66. Right

    69. Right

    70. Right

    73. Right

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