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math need help urgent

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find the domain

solve the following exponential equation equation exact answers only
3e x-1 = 2+e^x-1

  • math need help urgent -

    for domain you need to find the values that x can take. The rules are SIMPLE: if you have a denominator not equal to zero, if you have an even root the number under it bigger or equal to zero, if you have ln or log the number next to it >0
    Here we only have denominators:
    F: x-8 different than 0 so x can't be 8 so domain of f: x real,x not equal to 8
    G: x not equal to 0, so domain g: x real, x not equal to 0

    for the exponential you didn't type irt clearly: Is it 3e^(x-1)=2+e^(x-1)? If yes: 2e^(x-1)=2 so e^(x-1)=1 So x-1=0 x=1

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