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math need help urgent

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find the domain

solve the following exponential equation equation exact answers only
3e x-1 = 2+e^x-1

  • math need help urgent -

    domain of any rational function is all reals except where the denominator is zero.

    dom(f) = all reals except x=8
    dom(g) = all reals except x=0

    If you meant
    3e^x-1 = 2+e^(x-1)
    3e^x - e^x/e = 2+1
    e^x (3-1/e) = 3
    e^x = 3/(3-1/e)
    x = ln3e - ln(3e-1)

    If, however, you meant
    3e^(x-1) = 2+e^(x-1)
    2e^(x-1) = 2
    e^(x-1) = 1
    x-1 = 0
    x = 1

    If something else, then you'd better repost with proper parentheses.

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