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One mole of an ideal gas initially at a temperature of Ti = 7.4°C undergoes an expansion at a constant pressure of 1.00 atm to eight times its original volume.
(a) Calculate the new temperature Tf of the gas.______J

(b) Calculate the work done on the gas during the expansion.________kJ

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    Ti=273+7.4=280.4 K
    Vi/Ti = Vf/Tf
    Vi/280.4 =8 Vi/Tf
    Tf=8•280.4 = 2243.2 K
    b) p•ΔV=νRΔT
    ν =1 mol
    p•ΔV= RΔT
    W = p•ΔV= RΔT=
    = 8.31•(2243.2-280.4)=
    =1.63•10⁴ J =16.3 kJ

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