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Lake Erie contains roughly 4.00 1011 m3 of water.
(a) How much energy is required to raise the temperature of that volume of water from 9.0°C to 11.0°C?

(b) How many years would it take to supply this amount of energy by using the 1250-MW exhaust energy of an electric power plant?

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    For water, density is ρ =1000 kg/m ³,
    V =4•10¹¹ m³ => m=ρ•V=1000•4•10¹¹ =4•10¹⁴ kg,
    c =4183 J/kg•K, ΔT=11-9 =2 K.
    E=Q= m•c• (T₁-T)= m•c• ΔT =4•10¹¹•4183•2=3.3464•10¹⁸ s
    (b) E=P•t
    t=E/P=3.3464•10¹⁸/1250•10⁶=2.677•10⁹ s=2.677•10⁹/365•24•3600=84.9 years.

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