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Please Help!!!! Trying to get a little help on working this accounting problem. Please help...

Jawed enterprises uses a job-order costing system and a predetermined overhead rate based on machine hours. At the beginning of the year, the company estimated manufacturing overhead for the year would be $3,600,000 and machine hours would be 18,000.
The following information pertains to December of the current year:
Job 10 Job 11 Job 12 Total
Work-in-process, Dec. 1 $106,000 $206,000 $308,000 $620,000
December production activity:
Materials requisitioned $400,000 $400,800 $407,200 $1, 208,000
Direct labor cost $26,400 $38,600 $40,000 $105,000
Machine hours 4,000 7,000 9.000 20,000
Actual manufacturing overhead cost incurred in December was $61,000.

a. Compute the predetermined overhead application rate.**
b. Determine the total cost associated with each job.

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