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A cone has a radius of 6 inches and a height of 9 inches
a) calculate the volume of the cone. use pi. as my answer for part a i got 339.92 cubic inches,,,,,,, Is my answer correct ??
I need help doing part b and c.
b) calculate a possible radius and height of a cylinder that has the same volume as the cone.
c) If the radius of the cylinder is the same as the radius of the cone, what is the height of the cylinder?

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    v = pi/3 r^2 h = pi/3 * 36 * 9 = 108pi

    for cylinder,
    v = pi r^2 h, so a cylinder 1/3 as high would have the same volume as the cone.

    see above. same radius, 1/3 height.

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    thank you very much - Steve

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