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A 0.682g sample of impure Na2hco3 yield a solid residue consisting of nahco3 and other solid a mass of 0.467g. What was the mass percent of nac03in sample.

I do not understand I want you step by step. Clear explain for me.

nahco3 = 84
n22hco3 = 106

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    You still have too many typos.
    If the problem is this.
    A 0.682 g sample of impure NaHCO3 yield a solid residue consisting of Na2CO3 and other solid with a mass of 0.467 g. What was the mass percent of NaHCO3?

    Let x = mass NaHCO3.
    and y = mass of the impurity.
    That's two unknowns; therefore, you must have two equations and solve them simultaneously.
    The first equation is
    x + y = 0.682
    The second equation is
    mass Na2CO3 + mass impurity = 0.467g.
    mass Na2CO3 = (x*molar mass Na2CO3/2*molar mass NaHCO3). Therefore, the two equations that must be solved are
    x + y = 0.672
    (106x/2*84) + y = 0.467
    After you find x (which is mass NaHCO3), then
    %NaHCO3 = (mass NaHCO3/mass sample(*100 = ?

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