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How do i fill out an ICE chart when i am only given an initial concentration of one reactants and an equilibrium of another reaction?

inital 0.045 HNO2(aq)
Equilibrium 0.0043 H3O+(aq)
NO2(aq) - no information

my first thought was to sqaure root .0043 mol/l by 10 to find the change in H3O.

also should intial of H3O and NO2 be zero?

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    How do i find pH of HNO2 i just need a formula to follow cause i cant figure out the equation.

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    ..........HNO2 ==> H^+ + NO2^-

    You know x = (H^+) = 0.0043M because the problem tells you this is the equilibrium concn of H3O^+; therefore,
    pH = -log(H^+) = ?
    BTW, the problem doesn't tell you the concn of NO2^-; however, you know it is the same as H^+. You also know (HNO2) at equilibrium; it is 0.045-x = ? Finally, the problem doesn't ask for Ka but you can calculate it from
    Ka = (H^+)(NO2^-)/(HNO2)

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    isnt the equilibrium of HNO2 0.0407 because the equilibrium of H+ is 0.0043?
    i am confused if no change occured in the reaction according to the chart...

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