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computer programming

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Mr. Dacara owns 20 apartment buildings. Each building contains 15 units that he rents 5,000 PhP per month each. He wants a program that will print 12 payment receipt coupons for each of the 15 apartments in each of the 20 buildings. Each coupon should contain the building number (1 through 20), the apartment number (1 through 15), the month (1 through 12), and the amount of rent due.

1. In your paper, list the input data that will be processed by the program and the appropriate data type. Determine also the output data and the appropriate data type. Use descriptive variable names for the input and output data.
2. Design a flowchart for a program that accepts data for an order number, customer name, length and width of the desk ordered, type of wood, and number of drawers. Display all entered data and the final price of the desk.
3. Verify that your design is correct by tracing the execution of the program logic using actual input values.

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