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In a very busy off-campus eatery one chef sends a 241-g broccoli-tomato-pickle-onion-mushroom pizza sliding down the counter from left to right at 1.53 m/s. Almost simultaneously, the other chef launches a 321-g veggieburger-on-a-bun (with everything, but hold the horseradish) along the same counter from right to left at 2.49 m/s. The two delicacies collide head on at the given speeds–the counter is practically friction-free due to accumulated grease–and merge into a single, unbelievably savory serving. At what speed does the delectible dish move?

  • Physics -

    The law of conservation of linear momentum for
    inelastic collision
    m1•v1 - m2•v2=(m1+m2)•u
    u= {m1•v1 - m2•v2}/(m1+m2)=
    ={0.241•1.53 -0.321•2.49)/(0.241+0.321)=
    =-0.766 m/s.
    (in the direction of the second pizza motion)

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