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Homework Help: English ms. sue

Posted by Mohammad on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 8:32pm.

ms. sue for the article an ode to user friendly pencil i need to write thematic statement, but i not sure what to exactly say about it, cause its just about the author being ironic and making a point.

also ms. sue do the title be ironic as well because odes be for heroes or important people.

also my friend say these passages be ironic:

- i couldn't figure out how spending $3000 on a piece of molded plastic was going to make me wealthier.
(this be ironic b/c everyone use computer nowadays with their work)

- my computer experience has forced me to spend a lot more time with an old friend, the pencil.
(i not get what be ironic about this)

- you don't have to ask for a bank loan to buy a pencil
( this ironic because they be cheap?)

-buying pencils you create employment and prosperity
( this be ironic because computers do that)

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