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a.) At equilibrium, the molar concentrations for reactants and products are found to be [I2] = 0.50 M,[Cl2] = 0.60 M, and [ICl] = 5.0 M. What is the equilibrium constant (Kc) for this reaction?
b.) The concentration of I2 is increased to 1.5 M, disrupting equilibrium. Calculate the new ratio of products to reactants with this higher concentration of iodine. Assume that the reaction has not yet regained equilibrium.
the reaction is I2 + Cl2 = 2ICl pls help

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    I need to know exactly what your problem is in working this.
    Part a is just a matter of plugging into the Kc expression and solve for Kc.
    Part b appears to me nothing more than adding 1.5 to the I2 equilibrium amount and recalculating Kc (which would now be called Q).

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